Our team of


Registered Dietitians

Improve gut microbiota, address food intolerances, and promote a healthy gut-brain connection with our team of Dietitians. Our Dietitians are well-versed in deciphering science into definite recommendations. We will assess your medical history, dietary intake, lab results and lifestyle habits in order to create a tailored nutrition plan for sustainable lifestyle changes.

Nurse Practitioners

Receive comprehensive care and guidance to enhance your digestive wellness. Our Nurse Practitioners blend clinical expertise in evaluating, diagnosing and treating various acute and chronic health conditions. In addition to providing clinical care, our team of NPs focuses on communication and patient education.


Experience a holistic approach to digestion, combining movement, nutrition, and stress management. Our team of Kinesiologists work on a person’s movement, including running, jumping, turning, balancing, and lifting. We will assist you prevent & manage injuries, chronic diseases, disabilities, and other complications that influence your body's movements.

Mental Health Counsellors

We understand that IBS can affect not just your body but also your overall well-being. Explore the connection between your mind and gut with the guidance of our skilled team. Our experts will assess your emotional and behavioral challenges and create personalized plans, helping you embrace a new life which is unaffected by the burdens of your IBS symptoms.

Physicians and Specialists

At the BioGut Clinic, physicians and specialists collaborate seamlessly to guide your journey to well-being. Physicians offer medical expertise and diagnostics, while our team of gastroenterologists, nutritionists, psychologists, and kinesiologists bring focused insights. Together, they craft personalized strategies. From digestive health to emotional well-being, each specialist contributes essential elements to your holistic care.

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